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Thinking, thriving and creating outside of the square
03-19-2016, 10:53 PM
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Thinking, thriving and creating outside of the square
Not much changed at my school the year that Bowie died. We can all be heroes. Just for one day. That’s what the true artist tells us. Heroes bring about change. Change for the better. Be patient. Change comes slowly. Be persistent. Don’t lose hope. Be compliant. Write the learning intention on the board. Use the LMS [Learning Management System]. Make homework tasks visible to parents. Big Brother is watching. Be bold. Keep pushing back. Be subversive. Create spaces that invite young people to share their experience, ask questions, explore, dream and take risks. Be careful. There is no guarantee that what you are doing will lead to improved learning outcomes. Be wary. The power lies elsewhere. You and your kind are replaceable. If they cannot measure what happens in your classroom, then what is your value? If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, did it really fall? The withering vine waits for a new spring. Be authentic. You are not part of the machine. The spirit of the times demands more. Be aware. You do make a difference. Observe the shift, the subtle and significant shift. Not seismic. Not yet, anyway. Be brave. The voices of dissent are not silent. They never have been. They are typing and texting and tweeting. They deliver keynote speeches in auditoriums. They sit in lecture theatres. They talk to their students in the schoolyard at lunchtime. They inspire young people to affect positive change in the world. The whispering emanates from all corners of the globe. Listen. Reply. Enter into the discourse and change the narrative. Be original. Don’t just think outside of the square. Reconfigure the square into all kinds of shapes. Refuse to fit into the moulds they create for you. That’s what David Bowie did.
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04-04-2016, 01:42 PM
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RE: Thinking, thriving and creating outside of the square
As I read your writing I could feel, again, those continuing, niggling, daily tensions of teaching in contemporary classrooms – revisited that feeling of the weight of imposed expectations sitting counter to sparkling moments of elation in the experience of an authentic ‘learning moment’ that is time, place and people specific. I enjoyed moving through that tension with you, to arrive at a stance of determination – where the square is not only non-binding, but reconfigured.
I agree that the “voices of dissent are not silenced” and that the force to encourage and enjoy creativity will continue to develop, regardless of other pressures.
I enjoyed reading your thoughts, thank you.
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